Saturday, October 4, 2008

I just have nothing to talk about!

Seriously. Nothing. My life is so full of school, cheerleading, home and family it's sick. I love school, cheerleading, home and my family but seriously? Is this it? Yep, this is my life.
School: Hmmm let's see. It's going well. I got all A's this MOD. Go me, go me. Yeah, I was pretty excited. I busted my ass to get those so I truly earned them. It feels really good too. Next I get to take Anatomy. OOOOO fun, I know.

Cheerleading: Well, let's just say the mom I spoke of before. Yeah, she's still a dumbass. I'd like to smack her dead in the face and say helloooooo, your daughter needs to come to practice to be any good at competition!!! The contract we have the parents and kids sign says if they miss more than 3 competion practices their off the comp squad. Does my advisor follow this? Hell no! She's afraid someone won't like her if she kicks a kid off the comp squad. I say bullshit! I'm there every day along with the other kids on the squad practicing their hearts out and busting their asses off to be an awesome competition squad and we are going to have one girl looking like shit. Pisses me off! I know it's not the kids fault and I don't take it out on her. I love the kid, it's the mom that I'd like to beat up.

Home and family: Things are going well. Tim and I are doing well and so are the kids. They are thriving. I cried a little today. I realized that Kyla will be 8 in 3 months. I cannot believe she's going to be 8 years old. My sweet baby girl is growing up. It's the hardest thing ever. Time is flying by so quickly. Those who have little ones, please soak up that time and enjoy it.

Other than being pretty much flat broke and not being able to do anything anymore, like date nights, everything else is going good. I wish I had time for a part time job. We could definately use the money. Or if you just want to send us money we'll gladly take it. *totally joking

That's about it for now. Here's a few pics of the kids for your viewing enjoyment. TTYL
Kyla and Nathan

Taren posing with our halloween decorations. Yeah, your vision isn't screwing with you. That's Chester on the trampoline. I have a hard time getting him off of it. He loves it.
This is baby Mollie. I helped my friend Dawn in the delivery room with her. I got to see it all and I even cut the cord. It was awesome!!!!
Baby Nathan on Thomas. I put this on here just cause he's hot.

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kccat said...

Glad to hear things are well at school and with the family.