Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm so drained.

I'm just tired. Thursday night I went to Kimmie's house and her daughter came home with me. I just love her to death. She's my little peanut. Then Saturday I ended up with my 3 kids, Lexi, and Tim's cousin's 3 daughters. Talk about freaking estrogen in one household! There was so much here that Tim decided to hang out at Matt's house til the weeee hours of the morn. I ended up just letting the kids stay up until they passed out. Wasn't too much past 11:00. They were all very good though besides a few minor screams and cries. I love having all of those kids here but I love to see them go too. It was so quiet in my household after everyone left. Kyla, Taren, Nathan and I all took a walk down our road and back. It was so peaceful. Taren rode her bike the whole way. I was so proud of her. We came back to the house and Tim gets home from his grandma's and talks me into going over Matt's house. Doesn't he know I'm tired? Sure he does but oh well. Matt's lucky I love him. Here is what the kids did today: Yep these are in my yard.Pretty cool huh?
So that's actually all I have for now. The kids will have their pictures taken tomorrow and onto a whole new week.


KC said...

You are quite a busy and yet strong woman. I don't that I could handled all those kids at one time. Enjoy the summer.

Tammy said...

They look like they are having such a great time! You are an awesome mother. =)