Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ugh! What a freaking weekend!

May I start off by saying that I'm thrilled the weather is finally nice. I love it actually. I only have one complaint. Couldn't we slowly come into the 90 ddegree weather? We didn't even see the 80's. It's better than snow though right?
So, Friday night I had a cheerleading party to go to for Kyla. That was kind of fun. She's a Little Vikings Cheerleader and this is her second year doing it. She loves it. I get to coach this year so I'm totally excited about that. After the party two of her friends decided to come home with us and have a sleepover. I love sleepovers! The girls all got up Saturday morning, we ate breakfast and spent the rest of the day outside. When I say the rest of the day, I mean it. These kids stayed up until 5AM on Sunday jumping on my trampoline. Of course us adults were outside also. We had a cookout and just hung around the house all day. I couldn't believe the energy these kids had that late/early. I'm not even sure what to call it at that hour. It was definately fun and the kids all went home and everyone in my house went to bed early. Go figure!

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andrea said...

glad the cheerleading party went well!!