Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Just a post.

I can't sleep so I'll blog. That should be my motto every night. Not sure why but I just don't sleep anymore. I'm tired but can't seem to shut my eyes. That's neither here nor there though.

What happened today? Hmmm, well, I decided to sell Pure Romance to try and get a little extra money in the house, my son drove me crazy with all his crying due to his teething and ear infection, and Taren yells for me to look out of our front window. Well, when I did here's what I found: Pretty huh? If you look real closely you can see the second one to the right of the bright one. So I told her she should go find the end of the rainbow because of the pot of gold sitting there. Well, needless to say she was afraid to go so no gold for me. Damn kids.
10 days til Kimmie's wedding. Oh yeah, which is also the day of Tim's family reunion and the day before my birthday. I think she should just change her wedding date but she won't. Selfish girl!
Oh yeah, also, I'm a new Pure Romance Consultant. Check out the site and order!!!


Karol said...

Isn't it weird when you're so stressed and then one of the kids does something sweet (like showing you a rainbow). I hope Nathan feels better soon!!

*oh, and we will so go shopping when *I* win that target card! ;)

kimmie said...

haha you think i am selfish i love ya too
hope the little man is feeling better today

KC said...

Hope things are settling down for ya a bit.