Thursday, July 24, 2008

So what's new?

Well, I started back to school finally. I am going for Ultrasound Tech or Radiology. Not sure yet, but both should be pretty exciting. I am really excited about this round of my professional student career. I have changed my mind so much in the past but was never really excited about what I chose. This time is kind of different. I enjoy going to class. I study harder than I ever have. I'm talking late nights and early mornings. I'm at a good start of it paying off. I took my first two tests today and aced the both of them. I have 2 tests on Monday and 1 on Tuesday so we'll see how those go.

Let's talk cheerleading for a moment. I have 13 girls that range in the ages of 5 to 8. Yeah, fun. I have an amazing squad. They are really good. Well, all but two of them. These kids do not pay attention for squat and I'm getting irritated. I tried to talk to a mom today and told her that he kid needs to pay attention to me and nothing else and maybe could she talk to her. Do you know what she said to me? AND? Yeah, that's what she said. I'm thinking to myself are you kidding me? You pay an ass load of money to not give a shit what you kid does during the practice. Tomorrow we are having a parent meeting and the President of the division is going to make a remark about kids being lazy and what not. Oh yeah, I have a grandma that runs the field when the girls have to run a lap around it and her and her granddaughter stop and eat candy. I'm like WTF? They are not allowed any candy or anything during practice. This will be mentioned also.

Tim and I are doing much better. He has been helping in the house and with the kids. I'm hopeful that it will continue as I really want us to be happy in all we do. I do love him to death but sometimes just want to kill him because he doesn't think. That's really neither here nor there though. We are good right now. Thanks to everyone for the comments and thoughts. I love you!

We are going camping this weekend. I'm pretty excited about that. We need time away for just us. Well, us and the kids of course. It's a tiny weekend getaway. We are tent camping too. I love tent camping. We don't get to do that enough since my dad has a cabin but we've decided to seriously rough it this weekend. Yay!!!

That's it for now. Talk to you all later!


Karol said...

I'm glad to hear that things are looking brighter! That's awesome that you're actually enjoying school, and Tim's helping out more. Have fun with the cheerleading! I would hurt some parents!

Have fun this weekend! Enjoy yourself!

Red Headed Mama said...

Glad to hear that things are going well in the Frazier household!

Have fun camping, I'm jealous! We're hoping to go sometime this summer.

Kristin said...

O I'm so happy for you!! It sounds like things are looking up. And I know that feeling of finally being excited about school and feeling like, "This is it!!" I know you will do great! I'm so happy that things are going better with you and Tim. I agree, men just do not think sometimes! I hope you guys have a blast camping!!

Shereen said...

Glad things are looking up! I'm sooo not the camper, but hope you have fun.

andrea said...

this made me smile kelly. glad school is where you want it! and enjoy camping - i could never do it, but i am glad you will have fun! :)

Sarah said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so excited to have you participate! This week as I focus on being kind to my husband I find myself getting less andd less irritated with him in other areas of our lives. This is my first visit but I'll definitely be back again! Have a great weekend...we just returned from a tenting weekend! Have a great evening!

JenM said...

Camping sounds fun, and so does cheerleading. I can't imagine organizing girls that little to do it! I'm glad Tim is helping out more, and I hope that it is helping your relationship.