Monday, August 4, 2008

Stupid cheer moms.

Venting ahead so be aware.

I have 13 girls on my squad. Out of those 13, I have problems with 3. The rest of the girls are awesome!!! What's the problem with the 3 girls you ask. Their mothers.
Girl #1- Out of 13 practices this kid showed up for 3 and the mother is questioning why the kid isn't getting the cheers. Well dumbass, let me explain it to you. We learn atleast 3 cheers a day. That's a total of 39 cheers learned already. If you actually brought your kid to practice she would know them all. No, instead she is going to make the rest of my squad look like crap. Oh yeah, also, stop feeding her candy and pop during practice. She is not allowed to eat that stuff. READ YOUR CONTRACT!

Girl #2- PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR COACH! Not the football players, or other squads and then wonder why you aren't catching on. I know you are only 7 but the rest of the girls get it. Why don't you? Oh yeah, to this kids mom, don't smoke on the field. It's not only ignorant to the other parents and children who hate the smell of the shit but it's just rude. Not everyone wants to die of lung cancer, k?

Girl #3- Good gawd where do I begin? Well, I know it's not your fault that your mom is a dumbass. How many times can I tell her no flip flops during practice, or eating, or drinking unless we take a water break. Oh yeah, also stop babying her. She's 7. She knows right from wrong. I'm not a mean coach, I just want my girls to look great this year and your daughter is holding us back because she would rather screw off and not pay attention to me and the other coach.

Ok, now that that's out of the way. On to better things. My Monday marriage thingy. This week, I"m going to make sure my husband knows I appreciate that he cooks dinner the night I don't have cheerleading practice. I do appreciate it. If he didn't do this then my night would never end. Between practice, studying, cleaning up and kids my days would be 20 hours with only 4 to sleep. So my darling husband, thank you. I love you.


JenM said...

You couldn't pay me to coach 7 year olds in cheerleading, and I would want to kick those parents too.

Your marriage builder idea is a good one. Good to remember (plus it's positive reinforcement).

kccat said...

Very nice of you to acknowledge DH that way. Good idea!

Good luck with those girls. That sounds like a whole lotta fun ;)

kccat said...

I tagged you in my blog - so I hope you participate :)

Red Headed Mama said...

well I cam to tell you that I tagged you but I see you've already been tagged. Ah well, what can I do?!

Annegirrl said...

I am envious of your infinite patience dealing with that many little girls between 5 and 8. You are super woman.