Saturday, February 28, 2009

March's Blog.

Since I pretty much only do this once a month. My life isn't that exciting to blog every day. Sorry. Not much goes on in my oh so wonderful life. Atleast right now.

School is almost over. Thank gawd. I'm so over this. I'm over the non support that I get. Not so much that I don't get the support I need, I don't get the help I need either. So I'll be glad when my schooling is done and I don't have to hear the words "That's your job, you're the stay at home mom." OOO I'd like to swear at him a lot when he says that, but I won't. I love him and he only does what he was taught to do.

Kids are great. Kyla was struggling in school for a bit but seems to be doing much better now. Taren still enjoys school but she wishes I'd pick her up everyday. Hopefully I can do that soon. Nathan is doing well as always. He such a heathen.

We decided against taking Taren to a psychiatrist. Well, Tim decided against it. He feels that all they will do is drug her and I disagree. He wins. No further conversation.

Tim and I are doing well. Not arguing as much. I think it has a lot to do with me just giving in because it's not worth the argument. I need to realize that I'll never win and should just let things go. Yeah, how long will that work?

I'm so excited for my friends lately. They are either just about to have babies or having babies or going through a divorce that has been a long time coming and well deserved. To all of you who read this, I love you and I'm proud of what you are all accomplishing. Best wishes on the start of your families, the additions, and the new lives beginning.

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kimmie said...

hey i think the best thing would be to take her like you but then again the guys are always right lol well i hope you finish well in school and you get a great job and then he should start helping around there with you since you wont be a stay at home mom i cant stand that shit when they say that is your job and it is theres just as well well good luck on these last couple of weeks of school i am proud of you